AKC Registered


Chihuahua Breeder

We specialize in breeding and raising Chihuahuas. We often have the tinier ones of "teacup" size (social word). We are AKC breeders and have been breeding Chihuahuas for over 20 years. As the years have passed we have developed a partnership with three other Chihuahua lover that each pup & parent is given the 24/7 care they deserve. This arrangement works out so well because we chose not to kennel any of our Chihuahuas inside or out. We do, however, have available open-door kennels for those that choose 'quiet time & to sleep in their personal "Condo" (kennel title).

We have different varieties of coats such as smooth coat, short hair and long hair Chihuahuas, as well as different colors. Although blue and lavender Chihuahuas are our specialty, we do have litters that are other colors such as chocolate, black, white, tan or party (tri-colored).

If you are interested in either purchasing a puppy or reserving a specific one, please call us at 208-529-6543 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Home-Raised Chihuahua Puppies

At DJ Chihuahua, all our puppies are raised in our homes and have lots of open space to roam around. You can be assured that they will come to you healthy and happy. Most times each litter can be considered "Kitchen Raised". We do NOT kennel, inside or out.

There is a lot of work involved in making sure that your new puppy will be healthy. We take the time to do the proper check-ups with local veterinarians and make sure that each puppy is vaccinated with proper medications.

Our main goal is to make sure that our puppies will find a nice home where they will receive a lot of attention and love from their owners. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions regarding the breed or have any inquiries about a specific puppy.

Health & Longevity

Over the years we have produced the smaller (2lb) studs which have allowed us to breed the smaller females (3lbs and up) without difficulty.
We are extremely conscious of the health & stronger body structure of our dams. We have found that trying to breed for any smaller pups is not "what is best" for the babies. We only breed strong healthy parents and "Fat" tiny babies.  We have been blessed with 'positive traits' and strong genetics'. Health and Longevity is our goal:


We price our pups individually according to their estimated size, color, bone structure and markings. Our prices are fair & reasonable with accordance to Veterinary costs, many years of selective breeding to have the healthy perfect pups we are currently blessed with. Prices for our blues begin at $1275 and up.
We have been breeding our own bloodline with our family partners for over two decades.........and have acheived Beautiful strong and healthy special Chihuahuas.  We are proud of our "Fair" and "Honest" prices for these rare & unique blue babies.

New Owner Requirements & Health Claims

One-year genetic health guarantee is strict for both parties. We do a health/flight vet check within days of departing and we require that your new pup be seen by your Vet within three ( 3 ) business days.

The "new owner(s)" Personal Veterinarian confirmation and written reports are required to help solidify any claims. Each situation will be handled on an individual basis. NEVER will a "sick" baby be put through return shipping.

  1. A pup is NOT shipped if there is any sign or doubt regarding 100% health of the puppy. WE have spent many years developing our own line and know the heritage very well. Breeding is very selective and genetic problems are selectively weeded out.
  2. Health issues will have to be professionally confirmed by your Vet... x-rays, and specialist reports.
  3. If, determined necessary (death), a replacement puppy will be available. If the baby needs medical care we will assist with cost, up to a fair & logical amount. By the Grace of God....we have not had any perilous issues develop so each situation would be handled individually. Therefore, we have not devised a complicated step-by-step health guarantee. Genetic is the key word!
    Our babies are unique individuals and each pup treated with the highest respect.