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Chihuahua Breed

Before deciding to purchase or adopt a Chihuahua, we suggest you read a little more about this breed. At DJ Chihuahua, it is important to us that our puppies will find a home where they will be loved and cared for. The social word "Teacup" is not an AKC category but it is a social category and referred to when the Chihuahua's weight is 3.08lbs or less (full grown).

We love are babies so very much and get to know each of them individually...because of their need for one-on-one socialization, we have evolved into a partnership with more than one home so no pup is ever kenneled or their personality left under-developed. It is important that the owner checks to see if they will have enough time to take care of a puppy. We do not place "accessories"! These babies are very real and have the same needs for affection & attention as children. Things such as work, family, personal lifestyle and hobbies can take time away from a puppy, so it's crucial that the owner adjusts to the new baby & his/her needs. LIFE decision filled with positive-reinforcement which you will BOTH receive:


AKC categorizes these little ones up to "standard size" which in now 6-7lbs full grown. We have opted to specialize in the smaller of this breed, placing our average Chihuahua at 4lbs full grown. We often have the tinier "teacup" size and have selected our new generation of studs/dams toward the tinier size. (see them online). The tinier ones willl not be shipped until 10 - 12 weeks of age.


Actually, almost any color can be achieved with selective breeding. We have a lot of blues and are breeding for that color in particular (this color is a recessive gene and much care must be taken when (long-term) breeding). We, also, have several chocolates, whites, merles, tri-colors(party) and more.


Mellow temperament can be achieved through selective breeding and must be refined by care & treatment of the puppy. Handling, training, socialization, and Mom's interactions are Key to preferred behaviors (especially during first months) Nervousness, constant shaking, consistent yapping, aggression, or other negative behaviors are also "learned" behaviors from their surrounding environment. Breeder must be able to personally
give each baby valued attention to prepare them for their "forever home".


Of Course......"my dog is smarter than your dog" applies anytime with owners, although, the truth be told the pup is as smart as you take the time to teach him/her. Chihuahuas are very intelligent and have an excellent learning instinct........it is our responsibility to dedicate the time and patience to teach them. Many chihuahuas are becoming "therapy dogs" for the handicapped emotionally, socially, and psychologically


The short-hair and smooth-coat chihuahua do not require grooming. It is even best not to bath them frequently (use baby wipes on the puppies and for instant care taking of your little one). The long-hair chihuahua does need brushing and coat care. Seasonal shedding does occur but not to the extent of other breeds. If you "show" then the rules change as per qualification for each show.


Proventive medicine is the best way to approach your Chihuahua's health and longevity. Properly bred puppies will come from well-rounded, vaccinated parents. Each pup should receive his/her first vaccination between the age of 6 - 8 weeks (do not accept a pup that has not had it's vaccination regardless of the reasons). A pup will not be fully protected against parvo, temper, & other early problems until they have received ALL 3 of their series shots (each given at 3 - 4 week intervals/ and not longer). Before making any health decisions.........please, check with your vet: These tiny ones cannot adapt to surgery (anesthesia) well and procedures should wait until they are older unless it is life-sustaining.

To accept or take a puppy before it is weaned from it's mother (8 weeks is the federal law for shipping a pup) is not fair to the pup or to you. Do not let someone talk you into taking one sooner (the pup is not the first interest of this person!). If you get the feeling that $$$ is more important than the health of the puppy.....please, reconsider;

Health Guarantee (Important, please read!)
WE OFFER a one-year genetic health guarantee, as not all genetic issues show before then. If you wish to have us honor this - you will need to take your new companion to your Vet. within 5 business days of receipt so records of your Vet. care can be shared with our personal Vets.

A letter from your Vet. will be requested and any problems will be handled together (yourself, ourselves, your Vet and our Vet). We do not require pages & pages of agreements, as each situation will be handled according to the best results for the Chihuahua.

Why Blues: We love this breed and the blue colors have caught our eye. Yes, this color is considered rare and there is different shades of blue: Yes, there are differing opinions about the blue coat ( which "makes the world go round" ) our opinion is very positive toward the blues whether short hair, smooth coat, or longhair. The breeder or breeders (in our partnership situation) can/does make the difference in producing a healthy, mellow, strong coated puppy. Yes, the blue color is a recessive gene and, Yes, the blue color can be considered a dilution of color (line-breeding & genetic codes), however, this does not make the blue Chihuahua less than.........any other color. Yes, there can be issues (hair loss) with the blue coat, as well as with the solid chocolate, black or other recessive colors. However, if this happens...it is not permanent nor is it necessary because the breeders cleanliness, constant awareness, and breeding knowledge, Vet involvement, early detection, and linage are serious variables. (sometimes, over-bathing (dry skin) too much sun exposure ect (see tips)
We have longhair blues, short hair, and smooth coats while producing beautiful healthy puppies. We stand behind our guarantee's and hope to follow- through with our babies lifes after they are placed in their "forever homes".
If you choose a companion of this "rare" color and lucky symbol......You must be committed to give the care & attention they deserve:
keeko01The temperament of a Chihuahua should be very mellow with a loving, lap dog, personality. The myth that Chihuahua's are yappy, nervous, and shaky is due to the lack of socializing by a breeder. Each pup has it's own attitude & personality that needs to be nurtured by their 24/7 care-giver. Check with the breeder to be sure that each pup is handled, socialized, potty pad introduced, and taught trust of humans.
A well socialized Chihuahua pup shows loving development and is very friendly.
Yes, a Chihuahua may choose to be held and loved by his/her owner but should never bite at others or run and hide when another human approaches (often people think this means "total love" for the owner but it shows behavior problems and lack of socialization).
I believe the breeder and new owner are responsible for the temperament of your pet:

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Reserve your Chihuahua puppy by paying a deposit with PayPal. Due to high demand, our puppies find new homes quickly. We recommend you start the process and request a reservation online or by phone.

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