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AKC Registered Chihuahuas

Frequently Asked Questions

"Quality is not Expensive, It's PRICELESS"

We are located in Idaho Falls, Idaho

Current regulations regarding "pet stores" and "puppy mill" wholesale breeding/sales: We are keeping close track of all new or purposed possible rulings which may unfairly affect our internet website and home'based' raising of our Chihuahua babies. (if you have questions please feel free to ask any questions you may wonder about and we will try to assist you in understanding the government#). Because of ugly puppy mills, fanatic opinions, pet store negative behaviors..........we as loving hobby breeders who really care about our babies and their very future have to continuely prove how much we care about our breed. We are so proud of our Chihuahuas we are happy to take every precaution & work with wonderful "forever homes".

How important is it to get an AKC (American Kennel Club) registered purebred Chihuahua?

AKC is the most prominent animal club in the United States which keeps close records on their Breeders and the quality of the dogs plus the quality of the kennels (even small "in-home" raised have the title of "Kennel"). Surprise visits to the kennels, precise record keeping checks, photos of certified dogs with certifications matched, and more facts are done frequently so the honest Breeders are awarded. Puppy mills and " questionable " breeders are weeded out quickly and with fortitude:
Genetics, Line-Breeding, Trait Breeding, Socialization, "teacup" sizes are the products of long-time effort and strong belief systoms. Health and Longevity should be your first priority rather than a "cheap" price, if you want to be honest to the breed and a good "forever home".

Are blue colored Chihuahuas rare?

Yes this is a rare color and takes years of careful breeding to obtain a clean healthy breeding line. We have spent several years with our breeding program to have the most desirable traits, healthy coats, and strong healthy babies. (Trait breeding for strong & healthy coats is imperative ) I have read negative opinions regarding the Blue Chihuahua and their coats.......believe me this is from "poor breeding selection" only. We have established our own three generation pedigrees ( in our homes ) and our older generation pedigrees do not contain any of the wild Mexican chihuahua breed "which is where some of Chihuahua negative traits came from".

How do you price your puppies?

We price our puppies according to color & markings. Estimated size (using proven measurement systems of bone structure), weight, height, parents, and heritage. I know there are existing weight charts to estimate adult weight, however, these are lacking in the more accurate use of body measurements ...i.e. bone structure. We are very cautious in this area because "micro" is not necessarily "healthy". A fat healthy puppy is much more desireable for us.

Are there more health issues with a blue Chihuahua than another color?

No, genetic and ethical breeding practices produce excellent blues as well as any other color variety. Line and trait breeding can be intricate but followed-easily if the breeder educates themselves and takes special care with all their babies. Coats can be an issue if the proper breeding, health care, diet, and strategic treatment is not applied. However, we have put much time & effort into developing our own choice line while breeding any negative traits out and being extremely selective when choosing expectant parents.

Is a Chihuahua right for me?

If you are wanting a loyal companion, a lapdog, a wonderful addition to any family, or a little trusting partner......yes, our Chihuahua puppies are for you. " Chihuahuas are better than a face-lift" / "Empty nest syndrome answer" AND the idea that Chihuahuas are nervous, yappy, or ornery to strangers & children is a MYTH: Mellow temperaments, well socialized pet/ friend, and extremely unconditional partner's are traits that we breed for and raise.

Be sure this foundation personality is created by the breeders 24/7 care and training and realize that, YOU, the new owner is responsible for the excellent loving temperament of this breed. It is not the dog/breed - It is the breeder and new owner that designs the baby.

Our question is..." Are you and your family ready for a Chihuahua? (They will take your heart, they rule!)

What types of Chihuahuas do you breed?

Chihuahua Colors

  • Blue
  • Chocolate
  • White
  • Lavender
  • Tri-Colors of many mixers / variations ane more

Chihuahua Coats

  • Smooth Coat
  • Short Hair
  • Long Hair
  • Mixed (can product the extra smooth coat as well as long hair)

Chihuahua Sizes

  • Teacup (social description)
  • Standard (AKC standard category = 6-7 lbs maximum)

Do you have teacup Chihuahuas?

First....I want to clarify that "Teacup" is NOT an AKC category but it is a social category that the public and breeders use to describe tiny sizes of 3.12lbs or under. Even the description of "pocket" is simply a size idea (around 21/2lbs or under). After making that clear..........Yes, we do often have the "teacup" sizes and have parents that produce this size frequently. We have, also, bred and kept very small studs that will continue to produce the smaller Chihuahuas. BUT size is not the only trait that is important to us and, hopefully, to you. HEALTH and LONGEVITY is the priority.

Are your Chihuahua puppies AKC registered?
Yes, pedigreed and all studs with DNA provided. All of our pups are American Kennel Club registered at birth. Prices do not vary with out without papers because we automatically work with AKC.

How do you price your Chihuahuas?

We price by estimated size (which is calculated by bone structure as well as weight via age). Our rare colors like Blue, Solid colors (ie. blue) are priced higher especially when they are smaller. We do price fairly and within the average price range for a specially bred Chihuahua. We may work out payments before the pup is shipped. As our blood line as become refined and more petite bone structured "teacup" size are available our prices will reflect their rarity.

Can I reserve a puppy?

Yes, you may reserve a puppy with a $250 deposit. We do have a waiting list for our blues and other colors which will be 100% honored. Deposits have the first choice. Waiting lists are contacted and photos sent. Working together is our trademark and goal.
01/2010.....reserve deposits (special order) are recommended if you are wanting a particular sex & color as our puppies do get placed quickly. Deposits are non-refundable when pup is held for you per your request. Reserve-deposits are handled on individual circumstances, at our discretion:

Can I reserve a puppy from your "upcoming litters"?

Yes, you may reserve a puppy from our nursery, please try to specify a particular color and coat and we will try our best to reserve "the one" for you. This will be a work in progress, weekly photos, and much visiting between us. When using a pre-choice deposit to hold a particular pup but wish to trade your deposit to another growing pup - one week is available for this decision without lose of deposit - however, if you hold the pup for a longer period of time while withholding her/his opportunity to have another "forever home".........you will forfeit your deposit.
We are so willing to work with each individual 'prospective owner' but require a respectful and fair return: Terms on deposits/holding puppies is not a new concept and "prospective owners" need to hold true to honesty as well as the breeder.
Due to some abuse of our friendly attitude while working with some individuals...we have found it necessary to be more structured regarding deposits.

What type of payments do you accept?

PayPal (additional 4% paypal fee must be added to all payments) Cashier's check or US money order through priority mail. Often front payments are accepted as your pup will not be shipped or placed with you until aprox. 9 weeks of age (depending on size, stature, and hardiness).

Do you have a health guarantee?

Yes, we do have a health guarantee and certain steps will be required to honor that guarantee. You will need to take your Chihuahua puppy to your local Vet. within "5 business days" after receiving your puppy to have a general check up and look for the general health of the pup. You will also need to show proof from a Vet. (their paperwork) that your puppy was taken in the appropriate time period with all required information from that checkup. Shots must be followed up and excellent care taken of your companion. Within the babies first year (one-year genetic health guarantee) if any genetic problems should occur, validation from your Veterinarian of specific details will be required, and immediate action for the health and longevity of your baby will be taken. HONOR works both ways and I would never request you send back a sick puppy (that is unacceptable) The puppy's health is the priority and the care it needs must be followed through to give him/her the best possible outcome. I would help with finances, up to a fair amount or if ("God Forbid") the puppy should pass-away from a genetic problem.....we will give you another wonderful companion.
A long complicated legal guarantee written here "to cover all & any puppy" is impersonal and non-objective. Individual issues will be handled by both parties, their Vets, and the best result for the puppy.

Can you ship a puppy?

Yes, We ship with Delta Airlines "Pet's First Program DASH" and have had excellent success. We ship anywhere in the USA and work with new owners regarding international plans. Hawaii may have restrictions and limitations due to their laws and policies regarding quarantine of the new babies which is not acceptable. International buyers will need to come here to pick up your puppy because international flights are too long for our little ones to survive. Also, you will be able to take the pup/kennel on your flight and see to his/her comfort and care.
SH/HND has gone up to $350 for two significant reasons.......1. Airline fees 2. Pet's First Program offers "DASH" which is much more time controlled and safer for the smaller breeds (more expensive), However, it is highly recommended and what we have chosen for our babies safety during shipping. NEW temperature controlled areas developed, timed lay-overs and flight times are watched carefully
With some of the possible new regulations we will be asking 'new owners' to fly here to see & pick up their new baby. Actually, sometimes a round trip ticket is not much more than shipping rates......especially DASH which is puppy First Class (very well worth every penny).

Can I pick up a puppy at your home rather than paying for shipping?

Yes, we would love fo you to pick up your puppy locally at our home. We actually recommend this method because the puppy will be by your side on the airplane, the whole time rather than flying alone. Smile,

Reserve Your Puppy

Reserve your Chihuahua puppy by paying a deposit with PayPal. Due to high demand, our puppies find new homes quickly. We recommend you start the process and request a reservation online or by phone.

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