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updated 05/16/2020

   We, here, at DJ's Chihuahuas, reserve the right to decline a placement home if we should *think any negative effect will reflect on our puppies and their potential future. Sharing these wonderful Chihuahuas is a two-way street & your concerns are our concerns. 01/01/2019 Shipping regulations have changed, again, so we are choosing not to ship our babies. There are several ways to work out getting your new loved one, especially these smaller ones. We prefer that you come here to Idaho to pick them up.  Started breeding in 2000 and now we have many families working together so we have a strong variety with AKC and some CKC registered puppies

Covid - VIRUS   is very bad right now so we have taken a couple months off from breeding for safety reasons.  WE WILL NOT BE SHIPPING OUR SMALL PUPS / THEY MUST BE PICKED-UP HERE IN IDAHO FALLS, IDAHO.

Due to the fact that we often get tinier teacup size we may be holding those babies until they are 9 to 10 weeks old at the minimum. Some may be to their "Forever Homes" around eight weeks and the tinier ones will be 10 weeks and at our discretion. Their safety is our primary concern:

Regarding the bogus negative comments about us online in 2008: (notice the dates) Some years ago, we unknowingly became involved with a fraudulent SEO company "First Web Search" . This company promised to assist us increase our website traffic. After six months of non-service, dishonest excuses, and rampant rudeness we had to take legal action to retrieve our money and end this relationship. We took these theives to court and won our money back with the assistance of the Federal Trade Commission. Negative emails traced directly to this fraudulent company:
We spoke with the website "RipOff Report" that allows 'anyone' to post degrading remarks (without checking facts) and they requested $3000-$5000 to investigate or remove any destructive postings. Does "RipOff Report" make money $$ from these ugly untrue posting...yes, every time they are clicked on! Actually, the better your business/website is, the more they will defile you (watch this on 20/20 "Internet Fraud/Scams" television programs) Folks, I want to share this personal thought with you > "I am completely aware that it is 'scary' to purchase/order a living companion (lifetime commitment) over the Internet" AND it is equally 'scarey' to send/place our wonderful babies to another area of the country with prayers that the family will keep us updated with photos & lifetime events of these companions. I, as a breeder, have had some unhappy & disappointing situations pop-up from the "prospective new owners" that make us more concerned about the future of our babies and intent of the buyers.
We must work together via emails, phone visits, photos to make sure you get the "dream baby" that you are wishing for. This is a big reason we have the reserve-deposits and post our expectant parents as early as possible.

July 26, 2013 *Please be Aware "There are some websites that have just shown up in the past 18 months (by the same parties) which advertise several puppies from several different litters (breeders that have not been screened thoughly). The major interest is a "Middle

When you are looking for your new baby/companion do not be afraid to ask questions, request more photos, visit with the breeder (if they will not take the time to answer your questions and talk to you that is a "Red Flag".
'Red Flags' *When puppies are kept in kennels they do not receive the socialization or training that they need to be good companions.* When someone has several breeds to chose from I always wonder "how they are kept seperate with respect to exclusive breeding"? *Parents and sibling photos should be available to you when you show sincere interest. *Both the interested buyer and the breeder should be able to share a relationship regarding the "family's new companion".

A little about ourselves. We ( Joe & I ) work with five partner families ( Bob & Barbara ) who love & care for Chihuahuas the same way we do/ our views are the same as well as our respect for this breed and the line we have developed. We have developed our relationship over the past several years of working together. Health, Longevity and excellent body structure are our goals.......Socialization is, also, key****.
We want to be sure that each puppy has hands on loving, mellow temperaments and loving. When we price our pups we consider their personalities. 

I am a retired nurse, and Joe is now retired {for the state transportation department]. We both share in the socialization schedule we have developed for our babies. Our females have always allowed us to handle the babies, which we do from birth (they get handled for cleaning, photos, and such until age 4 weeks)......then they have two times a day of being loved on/handled - at age 5 wks they are moved with Mom into a larger area for playing & training. As they develop they are given play time with our little pack, handles, and socialized with us all.
My partner families & I are very strict about IN-Home "Kitchen" raising and kennels are used only for transportation. Although, we do have a couple babies who consider either under-blankets or their Pet-Mate kennel as their "safe haven" for naps or quite time.


We now have waiting lists (sometimes for particular parent's pups): We are very cautious and extremely aware of selective breeding for beloved traits, colors, and size......reserve-deposits are necessary if you wish to have one of the first choices (only X deposits accepted per litter). Example: we have had a deposit held for aprox. 9 months awaiting "just the right baby blue girl" So, waiting for the perfect one is worth it... If we do not have the pup of your choice per recent litter - your deposit is not lost - more litters will be born soon:
However, if you do choose a baby and hold he/she for more than a week & you simply change your mind, for whatever reason, the deposit is forfeited! We love what we do and do not consider it a business BUT we do consider the respect & participation of our prospective new owners to be receptive and fair with decisive business expectations.
1. As stated above.....a reserve-deposit will hold your chosen puppy for up to eight days. A. when a puppy is held longer than this allotted time and you should decide you want another or should decide you do not want a puppy at all......YOU will forfeit your deposit!

Please, be conscious of the fact that these babies are not "items" and must be treated with respect. We are diligent in selection of traits, parents, health care, socializing, and training plus we love each of them as our own family. We currently specialize in the best quality sturdy bodies, small, healthy, blues/lavenders and have spent years of devotion & respect toward this excellent breed. Prices have been adjusted due to economy - we may take payments via agreement - and we will work to assist you in having "your" new angel. Our babies get top-notch medical care, potty pad training, constant socialization, dew claws removed, etc etc.

* When you get your new puppy - continue to play with their feet & toes while you gently hold & nuzzle them (makes for clipping their toenails much easier) Begin teaching them small tricks even as young as three months ( i.e. 'high five' )

These animals in our lives are companions, affectionate friends, and nonjudgmental housemates(they ae not outside dogs). I also believe they are ministering angels and come into each of our lives with purpose.

Remember to take extra care of your little one in the heat of the summer. They can sunburn even when they are longhairs (so limit their outdoor playtime). Make sure the pup is hydrated more than usual even if you need to give (insist) extra water. Feeding times should be arranged around the heat of the day so they are not exposed to the heat of the day with a full stomach. Heat stroke can happen easily so watch your baby closely.
Cold weather is coming -again- and new considerations for your babies must be taken.
Don't forget......do not use Ice Melt where your baby will be walking without "shoes"....very painful & damaging to there little pads.

Our partner group uses Potty Pads/Potty Parks to train the puppies with and every pup will be introduced to this training. We are, also, trying out the NEW Potty Park from AKC (an indoor park area with a catching tray for all urine to easily drip through the "fake grass" (so no mowing.........just cleaning) ....potty pad/newspaper goes into tray underneath for easy cleaning) WE USE IT & LOVE IT
We have, also, installed more than one doggie door and the older ones are teaching our "run arounds" to use it just like the "Big Dogs".

When you have your new companion at home and wish to potty train him/her to your environment, please, do this with very Positive reinforcement. "Gooooooooood Boy/Girl" and make a wonderful fuss over their achievement. Negative, yelling, or spanking your pet will not get you the results you want....remember....they are like members of the family......and could easily rebel if you are not willing to take patient gentle time with training. Positive, positive reinforcement: Whatever, type potty training you chose.....Consistancy...is your best tool.
Also, if your little one is doing great or has been doing great and he/she changes..."What has changed in your life" Is there possibility of a household change affecting your baby? Is the problem "behavioral" or a health issue? Is he/she getting the same excellent attention? New pet? New child? Neighbor children teasing pup? Many issues to consider but do not be negative with him/her.

Talk to your breeder about the babies health care status......IT is very _important_ that a pup receives all three of his/her parvo,distemper,etc (5-way) series BEFORE you take your new baby out and about or allow strangers to hold them (aprox. four months) When being shipped in a strong plastic NEW pet-mate kennel....NOT a cardboard box (which I actually saw at the airport the other day) and the selected airline has strong regulations/ which they demand be kept/ (Delta Airlines is our airline for shipping) will be safe: Make sure your breeder insures your new companion, also.
We love the Delta Airline's "Pet's First DASH Program" and {By the Grace of God}we have never had any problems in our 11 years of shipping with Delta:

Talk to a Veterinarian, read "well rounded material" ( not opinions but proven facts) and realize......a puppy should have his/her first shot before coming to your "forever home" providing they are at least 8 weeks (which is the healthy time for a pup to leave Mom) not before!
We believe the purpose of holding a pup until 8 weeks is necessary for the health, socialization, neutering by mom, and Vet. certification (as shots given before 6 weeks of age.....do not count toward your series of 3........and should be re-started. A pup needs Mom's milk and lessons until at least 7-8 weeks old.
All the preparation is to assure that you receive a healthy puppy of excellent temperament.

When choosing your new companion from any breeder, please, take time to see some photos of intended pup. A larger head than body is not a good sign (hydrocephalus possible) Make sure of documented health of pups/parents and be aware that when you are seeking the tiniest pup you can find...you may, also, be taking on some serious health issues (guarantee's necessary). If you have any doubts contact us with any questions regarding your choice. I will try to answer whatever questions you may have to help you make the safest decisions. When choosing a pup it is important to ask for multi-photos so you can feel secure the breeder does have that pup or close relationship too him/her (like our partners).

We offer a 'deposit waiting list' so that you can achieve your dream companion/baby. We do this for the honor of sharing these wonderful companions with others. We consider our babies "angels" and "blessings" which can change lives, bond families and fill empty emotional spaces so we try to match you, your needs, while making sure our babies have wonderful love filled lives.
Our puppies are our priority.

The "teacup" size are desirable, however, this is not an AKC category...just a society term to describe the smallest of the breed. We do estimate size to the best of our ability from our experience using measurements, bone structure , width of head (and more) current weight is not the most reliable tool regardless of how many opinions are written. Mellow temperament, socialization, and health should be extremely crucial when choosing the perfect traits.

We are so excited with our small dams and even smaller studs (2lbs). Want to breed healthy strong bodied babies. Mellow temperaments are easily transferred through genetic breeding, although, breeder must be very aware of each individual personality and strengthen it..
We are loving this hobby so very much as our home is always full of squeaks, little barks, kisses, quite time with cuddles while being able to watch each baby grow into themselves. We have spent years breeding to selective Chi's to get the smaller strong bodied with rare colors & excellent personalities. The tinier babies may be shipped when it is in the best interest of the puppy unless decided she/he must be picked up from us.
Potty training is so much easier with potty park and our "positive reinforcement" training.

There are lots of "happenings" that come with having a new baby and growing Chi.........any questions.....email us (if we do not know the answer, from experience, we will research and find your answer. We will be sending a very explanatory book ( love it ) "Chihuahuas for Dummies" with your new puppy - be sure to read & refer to this natural speaking book.
Be Aware**some issues can be solved, at home, call us' before making a scare run to the Vet. i.e. Low Blood Sugar

We are loving our wonderful babies and have a great variety of colors, apple heads, and coats. 2021

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